How to Preserve Your Memory With the Passage of Years

tricks to keep your brain sharp

It is common for people over 50 years old to experience frequent episodes of memory loss. For instance, they go into the kitchen and by the time they get there, they do not remember the reason, they do not recall the name of an acquaintance or they miss an appointment. Even though these types of events also happen to people who are practically in the heyday of their youth, it becomes more concerning for the elderly because they are afraid of serious diseases, like Alzheimer or dementia. Contrary to the popular belief, age does not have such a great impact on memory. If you live a generally healthy life, which includes enough sleep, various activities, a balanced diet, the lack of vicious habits like smoking or drinking and positivity, you can minimize the risk of suffering from these frightening diseases late in life.

Why memory changes in time

The explanation behind memory problems that we experience with the passage of years is simple: the brain changes its structures, which is something normal. The main idea is that this change slows down cognitive processes and consequently, you accumulate and preserve information harder. Indeed, this might prove to be frustrating and this is understandable but fortunately, you have multiple solutions that have the goal to protect your memory and sharpen your mind. Mainly, you should never stop learning and you should constantly care for your health. Keep in mind this advice and apply it.

Keep learning new things

Apparently, mind functions better for people who benefit from higher education throughout their life. Experts believe that the reason behind this is that the brain develops the habit of being active and inevitably becomes stronger. Thus, you have to challenge your brain permanently in order to stimulate communication among brain cells. Learn a new skill or develop a hobby, such as reading, writing, playing a game that stimulates memory, changing your interior design, solving puzzles or anything else that captivates your attention and is beneficial for your memory. Avoid quitting if you get bored and replace the activity with something else that will keep your brain busy. No matter what you do, avoid laziness at all costs.

Do not neglect your health

If you experience serious health problems, then those strategic tricks will not have the same effect so it is essential that you protect your health. If you notice something alarming, do not hesitate to visit the doctor’s office. Blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and even depression all represent enemies that attack your cognitive functions and your memory, of course. For instance, high blood pressure is extremely damaging for the memory and women are the most vulnerable ones meaning that they have to pay extra attention and control it as much as possible. High cholesterol has similar effects and even more, it maximizes the risk for Alzheimer’s disease that scares elder people so be careful regarding the products you consume. Depression represents another factor that people should take seriously because it has the power to reduce skills and cognitive function.

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