Potential Reasons Why Your Memory Is Bad

Whether you easily forget to handle important job-related tasks, you always end up not showing up to your appointments, or you have troubles memorizing the information shared at a business meeting, there are several things that can help you conclude you are dealing with a bad memory. But what exactly is causing you to be so forgetful? Although there is a wide range of factors that could stand at the root of this issue, there are a few things that are usually most frequently linked to a poor memory, and if you want to find out what these are, just keep reading:

Have you went through a depressive stage?

If you research what specialists have to say about memory decrease, you will find out that this issue can sometimes be associated with depression. If you have faced a depression episode in your file, this might have triggered certain problems in this department as well. Due to the emotional baggage depressed people confront themselves with and the negative thoughts, managing to concentrate and actually remember certain things can be more challenging. Resorting to the advice of a specialist is of course recommended in this situation.

Have you been drinking too much alcohol?

All vices have a negative effect on both your mental and physical health, and one that stands out in particular when it comes to a poor memory is alcohol consumption, or more exactly excessive drinking. Too much alcohol intake can damage your retrospective memory, and will make you more forgetful in general. So, if you have been drinking too much lately, start cutting back on your alcohol.

Are you not getting enough sleep?

How could you keep yourself focused throughout the entire day and manage remembering things, when you get under 7 hours of sleep every night, or perhaps even less? Lack of sleep, insufficient rest during the night is one of the key factors that could be making you forgetful or affecting your memory. Try to keep track of your sleeping schedule with more attention, and to get at least eight hours of sleep per night, this can make quite a significant difference.

Do you follow a healthy lifestyle?

If you don’t pay attention to the food you are consuming, or you even can’t remember the last time you have went to the gym or for a run, these might be the things that might be causing you memory problems. An unbalanced lifestyle, one that is far from healthy, affects not only your body, but your mind as well, and that includes your memory. If you want to notice an improvement in this department, make some lifestyle changes, starting from thinking more about what your diet consists of and including physical activities in your schedule.

Now that you know what might be causing you to experience memory problems, you can actually start doing something about it. There are several lifestyle changes and tricks that can help you in this department, allowing you to keep your brain and memory sharp.

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