One Important Measure to Prevent Memory Loss


What should I do to stop memory loss? This question is being seriously asked by more and more people every day, it seems. In the United States, the rapidly aging baby boomer population is collectively asking this question more and more.

But so are others who have come to believe that, just maybe, memory loss is NOT some “inevitable” result of getting older. Perhaps we hold more of our destiny in our hands than we think we do. Maybe we don’t have to be inevitable victims.

It has long been believed by many, however, that the answer to the question of “what can we do to prevent memory loss?” is “next to nothing.”

Things You Can Do to Prevent Memory Loss

So, the question becomes, what can we MAYBE do to prevent or reverse memory loss? Well, we could say that it’s best to be secured against head injuries, for starters. So, these measures would include:

  • Wearing a helmet while riding motorcycle
  • Wearing a seatbelt if you’re driving or riding in the front seat of a car or truck
  • Wearing protective headgear if you take part in a risky or violent sport like ice hockey, football, skiing, etc

But, is memory loss only related to accidents? Of course not. Is there anything else that can be done to prevent or mitigate memory loss besides taking care of possible physical accidents?

Work on Your Physical Health

Continuing advances in research suggest that memory loss can be prevented or cut down by improved physical health. The brain is a physical instrument, and part of the body. If the body is cared for properly, shouldn’t the brain also be cared for just by extension?

So, what can we do to prevent memory loss outside of ensuring against accidents, you ask? Regarding fitness, nutrition, and “brain exercises,” we can:

  • Eat more fish to increase our blood’s level of Omega-3, a fatty acid involved in brain health.
  • Get more physical exercise so that we increase our metabolism and the efficiency of the body’s blood flow
  • Continue to stimulate our brains throughout our adult lives by constantly reading, playing mentally stimulating strategy games, and engaging in activities that require mental acumen.

We should not take memory loss as just some unpreventable part of aging. If exercise, prescription drugs, alternative therapies, or anything else can prevent the decline and fall of our minds, we should consider the methods.

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