Sudden Memory Loss Could Be the First Sign of Cancer

sudden memory loss as a cancer symptom

Memory loss is something that affects the majority of the population in one way or another. It can range from minor confusion over misplaced keys to full-form dementia. Regardless of the different levels, the lead-up to it can be quite troubling for those affected. This is especially so if the memory loss is something that comes on suddenly. New research is beginning to point to sudden memory loss as a cancer symptom.

What Kind of Cancer?

The number of cancers out there is unfortunately high. In this instance, sudden memory loss as a cancer symptom generally relates to brain tumors. It’s thought that this is particularly a sign that the location of the tumor is in the temporal lobe. Other specific symptoms may include seizures, feelings of déjà vu, and even hearing voices in your head.

How Are the Two Related?

Scientists believe that the link between the two relates to the location of the tumor itself. Most cognitive functions, be it memory or other thought processes, occur when one side of the brain interacts with the other through signals.

If there’s a tumor blocking the signal path, the communication process becomes blocked. This is where the signs of brain tumor first become noticeable. By the time it reaches this stage, the tumor is usually already of a substantial size.


While you can view sudden memory loss as a cancer symptom, you should also keep in mind that it is not something t set in stone. Different people may exhibit different sets of symptoms. If you experience sudden, unexplained memory loss, it is in your best interest to seek qualified medical opinion right away.

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