Can Overeating Damage Your Memory?

can overeating damage your memory

The American Academy of Neurology has discovered that consuming too much food can double your risk of memory loss. But what is the connection between eating and cognitive function? Why can overeating damage your memory?

This result is based on a study done on over a thousand people, aged 70-90. The study showed that people who consumed between 2,100 and 6,000 calories a day were much more likely to show signs of mild cognitive impairment than those who consumed less.

You probably already know that obesity increases your chances of having a stroke. Stroke patients frequently deal with memory loss. But this study took stroke damage into account. It found that overeating is bad for your memory even when it doesn’t cause any other health issues.

Researchers still aren’t sure about the implications of this study. How exactly can overeating damage your memory? We don’t know the answer yet.

Oxidative Stress Is One Possibility

Scientists have found that a lower caloric intake can help improve the protective mechanisms of our brain cells. Additionally, research shows that fewer calories can also lead to the development of new neurons. But researchers are still looking into oxidative stress. They can’t explain it fully.

The Quality of Food Should Be Taken Into Account

What kind of food did the study’s participants eat? There is a possibility that those who had a higher calorie count failed to maintain a balanced diet.

People who don’t consume enough antioxidants and essential amino acids are likelier to suffer from memory loss. Cognitive issues can also come from a low-iron diet, since the brain can’t function correctly without oxygen-rich blood.


Middle-aged and older people should avoid overeating for a number of reasons. Medical science hasn’t yet fully explained the connection between consuming too many calories and developing memory loss. However, moderating your diet can definitely benefit your mental functions. It will improve your mood and general health as well.

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