3 Brain Exercises to Boost Memory

When humans age they not just lose muscle but also lose the brain’s cognitive reserve. Age and other health factors contribute to neurological damage. The ability to withstand this damage diminishes over the years. This makes it more difficult to perform even simple mental tasks. A Strong memory depends on the vitality and health of your brain.

When you give your brain new experiences, it stays healthy. Mental workout exercises keep your brain sharp and protect it from memory loss. The new experiences that you give your brain combine physical and emotional senses. This helps the brain cells produce more brain nerve, and this enhances memory.

The brain exercises don’t have to be complex. Simple changes to your daily routine can make a big difference and boost memory. Any activity that stimulates your physical and emotional senses is useful.

Switch Your Morning Activities

When daily tasks become routine, level of brain activity decreases. Exercise your brain by switching your daily activities. Walk the dog on a completely different route, watch a kid’s program on TV or wear something different. The simple exercises arouse the brain and increase the level of brain activity.

Scan the Supermarket Shelves

When shopping at supermarkets, most of us tend to look only at items we wish to buy. Break the routine and let the brain experience new things.

Look at the shelves from top to bottom. Pick up things that you don’t intend to buy. Read ingredients and other details about products. When you do new things, it stimulates the brain cells, and this enhances memory.

Do Mental Workouts

Puzzles, word games, and any other similar activity are mental workouts for the brain. The simple games work the brain nerves, and this improves mental fitness. When you do things that are unfamiliar, it activates the different brain circuits. Cognitive health improves, and this prevents memory loss.

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