What Are The Most Common Types Of Amnesia?

Brain damage, psychological trauma or disorder results in Memory loss. It can be caused temporarily due to hypnotic drugs and many additives. There are seven different types and degrees of amnesia. It can be complete or partial.

Types Of Memory Loss

1. Anterograde Amnesia

It is a condition where a person loses all his or her senses. It results in a loss of the person’s ability to create new memories form the time memory loss has triggered. The patient can recall his lost memories before he was affected by memory loss but wholly fails to remember the recent activities.

2. Emotional Or Hysterical Amnesia

Hysterical memory loss is usually a temporary disorder that is caused by psychological issues. This condition does not last forever.

3. Posthypnotic Amnesia

It is a condition that occurs due to the servitude of longer time of hypnosis. In this situation, a person may not be able to recollect the occurring during the period of anesthesia.

4. Lacunar Amnesia

In this type, the memory loss is interconnected to a specific function- creating a lacuna type in the centers of the brain that records memory.

5. Transient Global Amnesia

Global memory loss lasts for some minutes. It usually referred to as short-term memory loss. It occurs typically in old people. It involves a sudden memory failure that may last anywhere from a few hours. The individual facing it doesn’t usually lose awareness, nor there are other symptoms of the disorder.

6. Retrograde Amnesia

Retrograde memory loss leads to memory loss that may flush out memories for many past years. It rectifies speedily but may leave a permanent gap in the memory. The sufferer doesn’t remember the activities that had happened before he or she is affected by this disorder.

7. Korsakoff Syndrome

Korsakoff syndrome is a type of memory loss linked to the extra and daily intake of alcohol.

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